• What are Logic Links?
  • Creating Links
  • Editing Links

Logic Links are a critical part of planning, they allow you to configure dependencies within sequences of work. Links can exist between parent Tasks in your Plan, or between Subtasks. When you break down a Task in Planner, Subtasks will automatically be linked together.

In Planner, you have the option of creating four types of Logic Link, allowing you to construct your workflow however you like.

You’ve made your Tasks in the plan, now how to Link them? Hover your cursor over an activity bar and click and drag the white circle that appears either side of the bar to start drawing your link. The direction you draw your link determines your predecessor and successor, and the side of the bar you pick determines link type.

Once this dot expands and turns yellow, you can let go. Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a Logic Link and you will see a line connecting the two Tasks on your plan.

By default all logic links will have 0 days lag. Hold down the SHIFT key while drawing your link to configure a link with lag that reflects the current dates of your two activities.

Creating Logic Links using the Inspect Panel

If your two activities aren’t near to each other in your plan you can use the Links section of the Inspect Panel to create a link. Double click on your Task to open up the Inspect Panel on the right hand side of your screen. Open up the Links Modal to view the selected activity’s predecessors and successors, and to create links to new activities.

You can edit a link by clicking on the link line and using the pop-over menu, or using the Links Modal accessible via the Inspect Panel. Here you can edit link type, configure lag or delete the logic link.

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