• Some Key Activities were not showing critical predecessors in Pathways Overlay. Now all critical predecessors along your short-term critical path will be highlighted when in Pathways Overlay.

  • Some users were unable to view search results in fields like Subcontractor when enriching their plans in the Activity Inspect Panel.

  • When transferring a subtask to another task, it was possible to force both the subtask and the task to hold invalid and conflicting project assets such as work areas or resources. This data is now not held or editable at a Task level once your Task has been broken-down into Subtasks. Editing this information at a Subtask level is possible and clearly displayed in the gantt's columns.

  • Some users experienced their date range filter resetting in Oversee Mode when navigating to Project Settings or Monitor. Your Oversee date range filter will now be remembered for as long as you remain on the same Planner project.
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