• What is Monitor?
  • Understanding Monitor

What is Monitor?

Monitor is where you keep the pulse of the the project. Aphex Planner brings together everything that is needed for today and tomorrow in one place so that everyone can know what is happening.

Who can use Monitor?

Engineers use monitor to keep track of targets for today and tomorrow

Supervisors use monitor as their daily to-do list

Planners use monitor to keep and eye on progress

Understanding Monitor

Monitor can be viewed in either Deliver or Oversee modes. In Deliver mode it shows strictly the data from Your Team. In Oversee, users can configure any filter set.

Today's Plan

This section shows work for today or tomorrow sorted by completion date. Those finishing the soonest at the top. Each task can be expanded to see the Owner, Location and Subcontractor and the list can be expanded for further analysis.

Active Assets

Active assets (Locations, Owners and Subcontractors) give a summary of which of these project assets are working and where across the site today.

Key Activities

The key activities table shows all upcoming project key activities and their variance across recent snapshots.


The Handovers table shows all upcoming project handovers sorted by Handover date. Handovers are automatically tracked when tasks are linked from one user to another as these tend to be high risk relationships.

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