You're the trailblazer that is leading your site to success by setting up a Construction Success Platform 🙌 . But.... its lonely being a leader and you want to make sure you are supported and guided.

Here are the steps you need to get your project ready to tackle the real world.

Want a more personal approach? We help projects every day of the week get setup and going. No cost or loopholes involved. Just a video call and some classic British charm.

Step 1 - Setting Up a Project

Navigate to All Projects from the Project Menu

Select the New Project button to create a new project

Return to the Project Menu and open the Admin Controls.

Input the Basic Project info and Save.

Step 2 - Decide Your Planning Method

Determine whether you want to your team to build their plans Top Down or Bottom Up.

Not sure? Just reach out for advice

Bottom Up Planning

Bottom Up Planning is how most projects have historically managed their lookahead or short term plans.

They have a master schedule but the engineers and delivery team mostly plan from first principles on a daily and weekly basis. The master schedule then has to be manually updated to adapt each month.

This is best if you don't want to be bound to your master schedule.

Top Down Planning

Top Down Planning is an amazing new world that Aphex Planner unlocks.

Projects Import the next 4-12 weeks of their master schedule > the work is distributed to engineers and delivery team > they break the plans down to the required detail

This approach saves engineers loads of time by pre-building the structure of the plan and keeps the short term plan attached back to the master schedule. This connection makes updating the master schedule much faster and helps track real causes of delay.

Step 3 - Create Project Assets

Create the projects assets that your team will need to make their plans happen. Check out how here.

Step 4 - Build The Team

Check out how to build your team here.

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