So, you've just been enrolled on Aphex Planner 🚀. Now you're wondering, "what is it?" and "why should I use it?"

Well, by following these getting started steps you can get from 0 to 💯 in minutes.

Planner or Project Admin? Check out our admin's guide here

Step 1 - Find Your Project

To find your project start by opening the projects menu.

View the list of projects you are a member of and select the one that you wish to view.

Step 2 - Find Your Team

Engineers and delivery teams should set up their team on a project. Your team will define the work you can see on the gantt.

To add to your team, select teammates that you work with regularly, your manager or a back to back colleague and hit save.

Step 3 - Build Some Plans

From within your section of the plan, select Add Task to start building some plans.

Apply columns to assign WBS structure or other detail to your new plans.

If your plans have been imported already or you want to add further detail, breakdown your Tasks to Subtasks.

Step 4 - Communicate to Site

Apply the Key Data Columns and assign Subcontractors and Locations to your work.

Can't see any Subcontractor or Location options? Get your project admin to add Project Assets

Add and draw work areas for your work.

Step 5 - Monitor Performance and Adjust

Drag and extend bars of tasks that are in progress to trigger Smart Status and record delays.

Double Click on bars in the past to inspect the historical performance.

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