• What is Aphex Planner?
  • The Aphex Mission

What is Aphex Planner?

Aphex Planner is a Construction Success Platform

Its actually the world's first Construction Success Platform 🥳.

Aphex Planner ties together the workflows that drive the construction work that happens every day on site. At the core of this workflow is the short term plan. This is where the real decisions are made. From there, plans need to be communicated to all corners of the site so that they can be executed and the outcome of the work needs to be tracked so the plan can be adjusted.

This circular workflow of planning, communicating and recording is the primary purpose of a Construction Success Platform.

The Aphex Mission

Our mission is to help construction teams save time and move faster.

We do this by eliminating low value or repetitive tasks from short term planning and unlocking completely new performance data to drive better decision making in future plans.

We believe that construction's greatest asset are the smart and dedicated people that manage projects and its biggest risk is overloading those people with low value tasks restrict their capacity to look above the fray and make good decisions.

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