• What are Snapshots?
  • Creating Snapshots
  • Managing Snapshots
  • Viewing and Applying Snapshots

What are Snapshots?

Snapshots (or Baselines) are historical versions of the plan. They are a record of the start and finish dates of every task in a plan at a specific point in time. Snapshots allow users to track variance of plans or individual tasks to build a understanding of the story of a plan over time.

Did you know? With the power of cloud computing, Aphex Planner can store as many Snapshots as you like without any impact to performance.

Creating Snapshots

Snapshots can be created three different ways in Aphex Planner.

Automatic - Every time an Import of data is completed, an automatic Snapshot will be taken to enable comparison of the plan at any point to the Master Schedule dates. Find out more about importing data into Planner here (Importing Data).

Scheduled - Aphex Planner can be configured to take automatically scheduled snapshots on a weekly basis. Scheduling can be controlled by Project Administrators from the Project page of Administration Controls (Jump To ↦).

Simply scroll down to the Snapshots section and set the day and time of the scheduled Snapshot.

Manual - Project Administrators can also take a manual Snapshot at any time from the same place. Simple hit the Take Snapshot button.

Managing Snapshots

Snapshots can be easily managed by Project Administrators from the Project page of Administration Controls (Jump To ↦).

From the Snapshots table, historical snapshots can be renamed to help the team recognise them or deleted to clear out redundant versions.

Viewing and Applying Snapshots

Variance analysis between the current plan and a previous submitted version or the master schedule is an exceptionally powerful way for Engineers to validate their changes or Planners to understand the changes across the plan.

Aphex Planner makes this quick and simple with the Performance Overlay. The overlay places any historically snapshotted dates right alongside the current plan bar on the gantt.

The comparison snapshot will appear as a hatched dark line underneath and the variance in calendars between the start date and end date of the snapshot and current plan will be shown.

Applying the Performance Overlay can be done from the Plan page by navigating to the Overlay Menu down the bottom right and selecting the Performance Overlay.

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