• Why Import Data?
  • XML Import
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Why Import Data?

On many projects there is little connection between the master schedule and lookahead plans that the site actually follow. As well as being confusing, this generates lots of admin work - engineers build plans in silos without the benefit of the master plan, planners waste time structuring plans, project data and finding information to update the master schedule.

Importing the Master Schedule in Aphex Planner is the best of both worlds. Engineers and the delivery team still control and own their plans but have the benefit of skeleton of structured work that can be broken down. Planners can understand changes to the Master Schedule from the short term lookahead plan. Admins can manage and setup projects with the WBS and calendars from the Master Schedule.

We love helping over 75% of Aphex Planner projects get started with their first import. To arrange your quick Onboarding Guide Session just click below;

Import Options

Aphex Planner supports two types of imports (XML and CSV) and each are designed to serve a different purpose.

XML Import


Connecting Master Schedule to Short Term Plan

Imported Data

  • Activities - imported as Tasks
  • Relationships - imported for all newly imported Tasks
  • WBS - imported from project default WBS or a selected Activity Code Structure
  • Calendars - calendars assigned to imported tasks are created from master schedule

Imported Assignments

  • Automatically Assigned - Calendar, WBS, Shift, Start, Finish, Duration
  • Optionally Assigned - Subcontractor, Location, Owner


  • Oracle Primavera P6
  • Microsoft Project
  • Asta Powerproject (exported in Microsoft Project Schema)

DIY XML Import

If you are going it alone or teaching a colleague, check out our Import Guide for step by step help.

CSV Import


Importing short term plans to Aphex Planner from excel or other tool.

Imported Data

  • Activities - imported as Tasks

Imported Assignments

  • Automatically Assigned - Start, Finish, Duration
  • Optionally Assigned - Location, Subcontractor, Calendar, Shift


  • All tools with basic CSV formatting

Download our CSV Import Template file here

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