• What is Administration Controls?
  • Project Basic Info
  • Creating and Managing Project Assets

What are Administration Controls?

Administration controls are the core set of controls available only to Project Administrators to set the rules of the project and manage Project Assets. The page itself can be accessed from the project menu and is only visible to Project Administrators (Jump To ↦).

Did you know? If you are not a Project Administrator the Project Assets can be viewed from the Project Settings page

Project Basic Info

The basic information of the project is used primarily to enhance data analysis across an Enterprise by correlating performance with attributes such as contract value, contract type and location. Additionally, location information is used to provide accurate weather and tide forecast within the plan.

Creating and Managing Project Assets

The core responsibility of a Project Administrator is the creation of the Project Assets. Creating and managing these will make the project team substantially more efficient and effective in their planning.

The primary Assets to create to get started are; Locations, Subcontractors, WBS and Users.

If you are setting up your project and want help or advice in how to structure your project asset then we are at your service. Our team can help you set your project up for success in 15 mins.

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