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The Notification Centre is located in the bell icon at the top right of your screen.

Notifications keep you informed about the state on your project. With team-members building and editing plans simultaneously, its important to get a clear picture of what is happening. Let's look at what the Notification Centre contains.

Project Strength

Project Strength is a high level health check of your entire project. It is clear from the performance data across projects using Aphex Planner that there is a high correlation between a project strength near or above 80 and Task Failure Rates below 20%.

So, if you leading a project or wanting to learn from the wider Aphex Planner Community click the link "Show me the path to 100%" and work through the goals.


Clashes are a crucial leading indicator of poor performance. Its obvious right? Two things can rarely happen at the same time in the same spot. As part of Getting Your Plans Ready, visiting the Notification Centre can give you an easy way to jump into dealing with these.

Committed Plans

For projects following the Last Planner principles more strictly, Aphex Planner has a Committed Date feature. This allows a Project Administrator to force commit (aka Promise) the planned work to a specified date. The result of this? Aphex Planner will track delays to the work within the Committed period (as opposed to only work that has started).

If the project has an active committed date, it will be shown to everyone here in the Notification Centre.

This is a super powerful feature for projects wanting to driving accountability into their plans. If you would like a brief walkthrough of how to implement this system for your project then reach our here;


Finally, the Notification Centre will always show users when the most recent Snapshot was taken and provide a quick link to apply the overlay.


Aphex Planner users lots of different Alerts to keep you informed of what is happening as you interact with your plans. Broadly, alerts fall in 3 categories;


Information messages appear as a blue notification and provide information about an action that is happening in the background or may not be visible to you.


Confirmation or Success alerts confirm a system action that you attempted was successful. They appear as a green alert.


Error alerts advise you when either an action you were attempting is invalid due to permissions or system rules or that a system error was encountered. Generally, any error containing Internal Server Error is unhealthy and we would welcome it being reported!


At Aphex we are really close to our users 🤗 . We put constant effort in finding ways to make the daily jobs of engineers, planners and project managers a little bit easier. Because we know that time is a rare commodity on site we provide as close to instant support as possible as well as flexible training and learning options.

Our support portal at the bottom right of the screen is the one stop for help and levelling up your Aphex Planner game. Check it out now! We have regular free training available to anyone, regular events and release updates. Plus you get to chat to George 🥳 .

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