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How do I Update My Plan and Record Performance?

Updating plans on the fly is a fact of life in construction. The best laid plans are tested once they hit a site. We also know that recording Performance Data when the changes occur results in better and more accurate data. But, who's got time for that?

Because of this trade off of data quality vs time burden on the team, Aphex Planner takes a unique approach to recording Performance Data. Our primary method is to observe changes that the team make in updating the plan and ask questions as changes are made where additional information is needed. The approach is our Smart Status system.

More granular data can be added to performance records at any time by inspecting a task (double-click a bar) and opening the performance tab.

Here each day of an activity can receive a delay reason, comment or any attachments such as photos of the site.

Smart Status

Smart Status is how Aphex Planner captures critical performance data consistently across a project without burdening the teams building and updating their plans.

Smart Status will trigger whenever a task that is committed or has started is moved or extended. Smart status will identify the expected dates of the delay and ask for a reason for the delay.

You can optionally choose to edit the dates that they delays are assigned as long as the total number of anticipated delays are met.

Once confirmed, Aphex Planner will record the delays and amend the status log.

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