• What are Quantities?
  • Creating Material Types
  • Assigning Materials and Quantities
  • Analysing Production or Install Rates

What are Quantities?

Quantities are records of the material input or output of work. This can include things like tonnes of rebar installed or concrete panels placed. Linear or repetitive projects often have a very tight relationships between production and margin so monitoring and tracking these are critical to project teams.

Aphex Planner allows quantities of materials to be planned against tasks and actuals of installed or completed units to be recorded against every activity day.

All quantities have a material name, units and quantities.

Creating Material Types

Project materials are project assets and can be created by Project Administrators in the Administration Controls page.

This can be found by navigating to the Project Menu and selecting Administration Controls (Jump To ↦).

From here navigate to the Resource Tab.

User Materials can be added, renamed or deleted and will be available across the project for use.

Did you know? Enterprise customers can control the available material types across multiple projects to standardise production data

Assigning Materials and Quantities

Materials and Quantities can be assigned to tasks by any user that has edit rights to the tasks {link to permissions]. There are two basic ways to assign materials and quantities to a task.

The primary way is to open the Extended Drawer and select the Quants Column.

In the Quants Column select the + Add quants field to open the Quants Modal.

Here you will access the Materials modal and can assign material type, total quantity and units. Aphex Planner will automatically spread the total quantity across all the planned days equally however this can be fine tuned if needed.

Once applied, the quantities can be easily viewed by applying the Quantities Overlay and quantities can be assigned to other parts of the plan using copy and paste on the cells.

Alternatively, the Materials modal can be accessed via the inspect panel by double clicking a task bar.

In the Inspect Panel you will find your task's Quants data, click to open the Quants Modal.

Analysing Production and or Install Rates

Materials can be used to monitor production status from the Quantities Overlay.

Planned and actual Materials records are stored on each activity day and can be used to analyse actual installed performance.

Finally, this data can also be accessed via both of the export options from Aphex Planner

Did you know? We are working hard to release Insight, our analytics app. Here you will be able to deeply analyse production rates and output S curves. Stay Tuned!
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