• What are Key Activities?
  • Creating Key Activities
  • Analysing Pathways Driving Key Activities
  • Monitoring Key Activities

What are Key Activities?

Projects are fast moving and ever changing. Projects throughout history (we think) have used milestones to simplify and summarise the tracking of schedule performance. Milestones usually represent finish or handover dates but can also be used for different sections of the plan to get a more insight.

Traditionally, your grandfather's short term planning software was unable to track milestones automatically and projects were forced to keep a separate and manual list.

In Aphex Planner, Key Activities are the easiest way to track any milestones in your short term plan. For all Key Activities, Aphex Planner will track the end date of the task over time as though it was a finish milestone.

Creating Key Activities

Any Task or Subtask can be marked as a Key Activity by any user that has edit rights to the Task. To mark a task as a Key Activity, inspect a task by doubling clicking it's gantt bar.

From the inspect panel, the task can be marked as a Key Activity and a Target Date can be entered.

Did you know? Target date can be optionally used to track when your Key Activity should finish.

For projects importing their master schedule Aphex Planner will automatically convert milestones in the master schedule to Key Activities and the Target Date will be set as the finish date of the activity in the import file.

Analysing Pathways Driving Key Activities

Using Key Activities in Aphex Planner also unlocks the ability to do critical path analysis across your short term plan.

From your Plan, apply the Pathways Overlay.

The gantt bars will now transform to show each pathway information;

  • Key Activities: A Flag icon will appear on the cell of the Target Date
  • Critical Paths: Tasks on critical path to a Key Activity will appear in Red
  • Other Paths: Other paths will appear in Dark Grey with any connections to the critical path showing the Free Float to the critical path

Monitoring Key Activities

Aphex Planner will automatically track the changes to the dates of Key Activities over time and keep the whole project informed.

Once a task is marked as a Key Activity, it appears in the Key Activities section of Monitor page and is included in the project Daily Briefing emails.

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