• What are Resources?
  • Creating Resources
  • Assigning Resources
  • Analysing Resource Demand

What are Resources?

Resources are the people and plant that make work happen. Projects have finite resources and must allocate them in order to perform work as efficiently as possible.

Aphex Planner is built to make these decisions faster and better. The types and numbers of resources can be assigned quickly to tasks and the aggregated results can be viewed to drive a better understanding of the risk and opportunity in the plan.

Creating Resources

Project Resources are Project Assets and can be created by Project Administrators in the Administration Controls page.

This can be found by navigating to the Project Menu and selecting Administration Controls (Jump To ↦).

From here navigate to the Resource Tab.

A default set of Labour and Plant Resources are assigned to each project and these are visible here. Additionally, Resources can be created, edited or deleted.

Did you know? Enterprise customers can control the available resource types across multiple projects to standardise production data

Assigning Resources

Resources can be assigned to tasks by any user that has edit rights to the tasks. There are two basic ways to assign Resources to a task.

The primary way is to open the Resources Column from the Extended Drawer.

Select the + Add Resources field to access the Resources modal.

The Resources Modal is where you can assign a resource and quantity. Aphex Planner then assigns that Resource to all the days of that task.

Once applied, the Resources can be easily viewed by applying the Resources Overlay and can be assigned to other parts of the plan using copy and paste on the cells.

Alternatively, the Resources modal can be accessed via the inspect panel by double clicking a task.

Analysing Resource Demand

Resource Demand

Resource demand can be analysed directly in Aphex Planner to enable teams to make good decisions about upcoming work and see the impacts of their changes in real time.

Applying the Resources Overlay will represent the allocated resources next to each bar on the gantt.

Additionally, the total number of resources within the active filter will be totalled and represented in a new row at the top of the gantt. The cells will be coloured based on the project's historical resource allocations within the same filter and substantial deviations above and below will be highlighted in colour.

This row can be hovered to see the total daily breakdown.

Finally, this summary can be toggled between Plant and Labour Resource types.

Resource Histogram

A histogram of the total resources within the active filter can be produced at the click of a button.

This chart can be used to identify 'spikey' resource allocations and make decisions about resource levelling.

Did you know? Communicating Resource allocations to site is hard and site teams can be added as Viewers to take advantage of these features
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