• What is the WBS?
  • Creating and Editing WBS Codes
  • Importing WBS
  • Assigning WBS Codes
  • Analysing Project Performance using the WBS

What is the WBS?

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the common structure that exists across a project. In many ways its like a tree of folders that all users can place work in. This common structure is a Project Asset and is controlled by the Project Administrator to ensure that when everyone's plans are combined they make sense to everyone else.

In Aphex Planner, whilst your WBS does not have to be the same as your master schedule, for teams that import their master schedule data it usually is. The most important feature of a WBS is its ability to be understood and used by all team members. Overly large and complex WBS trees almost always make planning more difficult for the team.

Did you know? If you master schedule WBS is super complex Aphex Planner can import an alternative Activity Code Structure

Creating and Editing WBS Codes

As the WBS is a Project Asset, it is created and managed by the Project Administrator from the Administration Controls page.

This can be found by navigating to the Project Menu and selecting Administration Controls (Jump To ↦).

From here navigate to the WBS Tab.

Here you will see a list of WBS items, each with a unique code and name as well as a WBS tree. WBS codes can be added, edited, renamed or deleted from the list.

The WBS structure can be edited directly from the WBS tree.

All WBS codes are then available for assignment across the project.

Importing WBS

Projects importing work from their Master Schedule often wish to mirror their project WBS in Aphex Planner. As part of the XML Import process, Aphex Planner will read and can import any WBS codes that are assigned to activities imported. This magic can save some serious time. Check it out!

Assigning WBS Codes

WBS codes can be assigned to tasks by any user that has edit rights to the tasks.

To assign, edit or remove a WBS code from any task, start by opening the Grouping Drawer.

From here, select the WBS cell of the task you wish to edit and select or search the WBS you wish to assign to.

Aphex Planner will immediately send the task to the correct WBS code.

Did you know? Copy and paste works a treat here!

Analysing Project Performance using the WBS

The WBS code of a task almost always represents a physical site structure or a discipline. Therefore analysing Performance Data across this variable can be very valuable to identify areas of intervention.

Therefore, Aphex Planner allows filtering by WBS in the Analyse page when in Oversee Mode. Learn how to Analyse your project performance.

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