• What are Subcontractors?
  • Creating Subcontractors
  • Assigning Subcontractors
  • Communicating to Subcontractors
  • Analysing Subcontractor Performance

Did you know? Subcontractors can used to represent actual Subcontracted organisations as well as the General Contractor or Client

What are Subcontractors?

Subcontractors are the supply chain partners that are so crucial to the successful delivery of almost all projects. Because project success is so closely tied to these partners, Aphex Planner considers Subcontractor a Key field on any task. It is used to drive communication, analysis and even fundamentally how the plan is viewed.

Subcontractors can be used to represent manufacturers, subcontractors, the main contractor or even the client.

Creating Subcontractors

Subcontractors are Project Assets and so are managed and created by Project Administrators in the Administration Controls page.

This can be found by navigating to the Project Menu and selecting Administration Controls (Jump To ↦).

From here, navigate to the Team Tab and scroll down to Subcontractors.

Here, Subcontractors can be created, renamed or deleted.

Assigning Subcontractors

Any Subcontractor on a project in Aphex Planner is available to be assigned to any tasks by a user that has edit rights to the tasks.

There are two basic ways to assign a Subcontractor to a task.

The primary way is to open the Key Drawer and select the Subcontractor Column.

Simply select or type to assign any of the project Subcontractors to the task. You can also Copy and Paste Subcontractor assignments using CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Alternatively, the Subcontractor can be assigned to individual tasks via the inspect panel by double clicking a task.

Communicating to Subcontractors

We know that on site, a collaborative supply chain can be the difference between success and failure. Providing each of your Subcontractors with the information they need in order hit targets and fit in with the wider plan is so valuable.

Aphex can output the gantt or sequence maps either specifically filtered for a Subcontractor or with the work coloured by Subcontractor so that there is clear accountability around the plan, targets and nearby work that needs to be coordinated with.

To learn about printing or sharing your plans go here.

Resources Overlay

In additional to visualising any assigned resources, the Resources Overlay colours the gantt bars or work areas by the assigned Subcontractor.

To apply this overlay, navigate to the Overlays Menu in the bottom right. Then, simply apply the Resources Overlay.

Analysing Subcontractor Performance

As Subcontractors are a key driver to success, Aphex Planner not only allows Performance Data to be filtered by Subcontractor on the Analyse page, but also breaks out Subcontractors as a delay driver in all filters.

This enables teams to spot performance correlations with Subcontractors in all views. Learn more about Analysing performance.

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