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Planning Modes

Aphex Planner can operate in one of two Planning Modes. These Modes impact the appearance of the software and the controls available to the user. Each of the two Modes is designed to best serve the needs of a different type of user and the actions that they need to take.

To see what Mode you are in, look to the top left for the mode indicator.

Switching Modes is as simple as selecting the mode switch on the top right.

Did you know? The colour scheme of Aphex Planner will change from Deliver Blue to Oversee Orange so you know right away the mode you are in

Deliver Mode

Deliver mode is built for engineers. If you own or are responsible for delivering work then this should be your go to.

In Deliver Mode, work is always structured around you and your team. The gantt will always start filtered to your team and focused on your 4 week lookahead.

All the interactions within Deliver Mode are optimised for the people that plan, update and build projects.

Oversee Mode

Oversee mode is built for planners and managers. If you oversee or support a project then this is where you can start.

In Oversee Mode, work is structured in the common WBS and filtering the entire plan down to specific areas of interest is emphasised.

Oversee Mode is designed to provide a powerful and consistent experience for users that need to work across lots of data and produce outputs or analysis for different teams on the project.


Pages in Aphex Planner sit underneath each Mode. Each page is optimised to a goal that you might have, such as checking whats happening today or analysing performance of a subcontractor. The main four pages of Aphex Planner and their primary goals are;

  • Monitor - understand exactly what is happening today and tomorrow to drive awareness and accountability
  • Plan - the core of Aphex Planner where plans are built and updated on the worlds best gantt
  • Collaborate - where teams come together to understand and rally around the plan
  • Analyse - understand performance and what drives it on your project

The pages can be changed from the page tabs and any filters applied will be held.

Projects and Settings

Aphex Planner is organised into projects. Each project has its own assets, tasks, users and settings. The creator of a project is its first Administrator and they can invite anyone they wish onto the project.

You can see which project you are on by its name in the top left.

From the Project Menu, you can also access any settings, administration controls or data import and export actions for that specific project.

Did you know? Only Project Administrators can view and access Administration Controls

Other Projects and Corporate Dashboard

As an Aphex Planner user, you can see all the projects you are a part of in the All Projects menu.

This can be found by navigating to the Project Menu and selecting All Projects.

Additionally, you can Analyse performance across these projects by selecting the Dashboard Tab.

Here you can apply many of the same principles as Analyse.

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