• Troubleshooting Self Assessment
  • Resetting Your Aphex Planner Instance
  • Websocket Connectivity

Troubleshooting Self Assessment

Errors can happen and issues do crop up. We work really hard to make Aphex Planner as robust as it can be but with users connecting in many different ways we don't always get it 100% right.

But not all issues are created equal. Some can come from within Aphex Planner whilst others can be related to a device, a network or even company IT policies. So, we have some questions and steps below that should help identify the source of any issue you may be experiencing.

  • Are you experiencing an Aphex error message? Anything like Internal Server Error is almost certainly our problem to deal with so reach out to us right away.
  • Are you sharing devices? If so, the Resetting Your Aphex Planner Instance steps below as a first step will remove any number of device and browser storage issues that could exist.
  • Are you using a current version of Chrome? Checking that your version of Chrome is current can remove any compatibility issues. Compare your version to here
  • Are you receiving emails from Aphex? If you are not receiving emails, it can be a signal that your company IT policy is blocking the Aphex domain. If this is the case, just reach out and we can speak with your company IT team to get it resolved.

Is your issue anything else in the universe? No problem - just reach out below!

Resetting Your Aphex Planner Instance

If you suspect your Aphex Planner experience isn't what it should be you can take the following steps as a antidote for any number of small issues that could be cropping up. If you do this and things haven't improved it is certainly time to reach out to us below.

  1. Open Aphex Planner (planner.aphex.co)
  2. Open the Chrome Browser Dev Tools (CTRL + SHIFT + C)
  3. Open the search function (CTRL + SHIFT + P)
  4. Search for Clear Site Data by Typing "Clear"
  5. Select the Clear Site Data
  6. Perform a hard refresh (CTRL + R)

Websocket Connectivity

🕸 Websockets 🔌 are how Planner establishes a secure connection between our servers and your web browser. We’re not going to bore you with the details but if we’ve noticed your connection is being blocked by your company’s IT policy you’ll receive a notification from us.

Whilst Aphex Planner will continue to work either way, the experience will be less fun 😫. Depending on which connections are blocked you could experience:

  • inability to chat with us
  • failure to load some components
  • ‘jumpy’ behaviour
  • general speed reduction.

Luckily, fixing this is easy! Just ask your company’s IT department to allow HTTP and Websocket Protocols ( http:// , https:// , ws:// and wss:// ) for the following domains:

  • planner.aphex.co
  • aphex.co
  • cdn.mxpnl.com
  • api-iam.intercom.io
  • api.segment.io

For more information contact: hello@aphex.co

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